Staff Orientation, first night off!

Gah! Monday night! Our one night off from Staff Orientation! LET’S GO CRAY!!!

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and by “cray” I of course mean “to dad’s house to do laundry”.

I came home tonight to wind down for a few hours and be alone.  I absolutely love camp, and camp culture, and this year is especially wonderful so far, but I needed a break.  As they say in Wet Hot American Summer, “Its nice to get off camp for a while, even if its just for an hour  (or something like that.)

So far I’ve been reunited with my favorite camp friend, Haley, of last year.  She runs the ropes course and laughs at my stupid jokes and in return, I laugh at hers.

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We’ve fallen into a quote unquote clique with this guy from Wales, another guy from Australia, and this guy from LA who was my Counselor in Training last year and is a full-fledged grown-ass adult counselor this year. The five of us discovered the rolling chairs in the staff lounge the other night and nearly sling-shot me out the window.  I’ve never seen mischievous grins turn into horrified O’s so quickly as their’s did just before I smashed into the wall an inch away from said window.  Next thing you know we’re all crawling around, tears and drool streaming, while we laugh and gasp for breath.  Bets are being taken as to which one of us gets tragically killed first.  Or worst; fired.

We have a baby cow, a pregnant goat, pregnant bunnies and of course, the love of my Summer Camp existence, Grace the Pot-belly Pig.

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There are like, eleven Israeli staff this year and they are the literal coolest.   I’m learning how to say so many bad words in Hebrew.

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Orientation is great because its a chance to get used to the camp schedule and you’re flung into team-building exercises with people you don’t know, but who you’ll most certainly know all too well by the end of Summer.  We’re learning about positive reinforcement, nasty first aid tips, and how to eat your EIGHTH VEGGIE BURGER IN TWO WEEKS without grimacing.  It’s awesome and tiring and my dad gave me his video camera to better document all the mayhem and beauty that is Summer Camp.

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The laundry’s almost out, and I’ve got to get back to Camp by curfew, but I wanted to check in.  Hey friends.  I miss you all in Phoenix and I love you from California.

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  1. Jess you are the most amazing young person I have meet in a very long time, possibly ever! (Maybe that’s just because I don’t have grandkids, who I know would have to be the most amaging, being of my origin ~ lol ~ or that you have such a high dose of positive youthful energy we can all relive those fun, crazy, uninhibited years vicariously though you.) HUGZ to your fearless self!

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