Go camping.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to get out.  You’ve got to grab your best girls and re-discover your Australia backpack (it was in the closet, under the unneeded Tupperware and winter clothes) and toss it and your dog into the car.  Go north, young women.

There is some craziness afoot, some family dramas and some instability with regards to next August, (Peru?!? WWOOF America?!? University?) and some times, and you know this, you’ve just got to say screw it and go camping.

We eventually wound up at Lake Mary in Flagstaff and spent our time vacillating between supreme goofiness and contented quiet.  We three are introverts (the fourth had to go home early for work) and perfectly happy spending our hours together, but in our own heads.  Wine was shared, confessions spilled, and fires made.

It served to remind me how important friends are, how beautiful it is to be spiritually and emotionally bound to others.  There’s that line in a Rich Mullins song “there’s a love that is fiercer than the love between friends”.  It is regarding Christ and the wild, passionate way He keeps us, but I love it for the unchallenged assessment that the love between friends is a fierce love.  Leaving one’s family is a weird break; you love them and they’re the best love you know, but you can’t be with them anymore.  You can’t live in the same roof and you don’t necessarily want their lifestyle.  You ache with longing for your little sister but are wary of “regressing” to live under the same roof as she.  Its almost the same kind of survivor’s guilt I feel over my friend Cheetah; its not fair that I, who was just as much of a potential train wreck as she, got out alive and she spiraled out of control.  Its not fair that I escaped to Arizona and have my brothers while my baby sister absorbs the turmoil of home-life alone.

Survivor’s guilt and helplessness.  It makes me physically ill.  And makes me need my friends.

I didn’t mean to digress into family stuff.  I only meant to tell you that you’ve gotta have friends, you’ve gotta go camping, and you’ve gotta love them intentionally.  Life is really hard.  We need each other.  We need to be reminded of our humanity, of our shared human experience.  We’re not going through all this alone.  And we need to step back sometimes and get away from the daily grind; it is good to take sabbaticals, of sorts, to rest and reevaluate.

I know you’re reading this.  Pretend I’m talking to you.  So go camping and reevaluate some things.


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