Getting restless

I’m getting poop-your-pants excited to start traveling again  Life here and now is wonderful, it really is, and I love the stability and friendships and dancing to silly Flo Rida tunes at Robbie Fox’s…but I am not done.  I am not done exploring and hostel-ing and wwoofing.  In fact, I only just got started.  Oz gave me a taste, showed me that it is possible and that I’m not alone in this yearning.  Its not only possible; it is good and holy.  Ask me why and I’ll tell you.

travel-Via Pinterest.  Follow me, if you please.

On Tuesday I was asked why; why travel at all?  How are people in Nepal any different than people here?  I blinked and tried to find an answer, but really we’re not that different.  Its not the differences that make me love them and love traveling, its the similarities.  How we’re all created by the same God who’s mad for us, and how we’re all doing our lives the best we know how.  That’s at least part of why I love traveling; it shows you how we’re all connected.  Its like reading Postsecret, only three-dimensional.  Do you know what I mean?  About aching for human connection?  You do, don’t you?  You feel it too, right?

I don’t know exactly how and when the next excursion is happening, but happen it must.  I’m looking into organizations that will help, and researching airline credit cards, and reminding myself that I am here, in this house with these roommates, until August, and I am not missing out and I am where I need to be.  And really, I do love it.  We do have fun…

rulabula-time of your life at Rula Bula.

That being said…here’s a cool link to other cool links.  Travel safe and do good.

In here and now news, my friends and I rode bikes all over Tempe with a boom box for the “Tour de Taco”, the boy and I broke up (apparently I just really, really like being single) and I’m completely unprepared for our girls-only camping trip this weekend.  Also, I’m getting off my ass (metaphorically speaking) and applying for writing gigs, as well as trying to volunteer with an urban garden in Phoenix.

Go travel.  Take silly pictures and go with the flow.  Learn and teach.  Remember to be intentional.

And keep it simple.

commute-essentials-commute essentials.

Tour de Taco!-tour de taco


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