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We held our housewarming party last night.  Old friends, new friends, work friends, church friends, and two neighbors.  And alcohol.  Holy frick ,so much alcohol. This will not be an artfully done expose on the science behind these hangover foods.  This is simply my hung-over attempt at providing you, dear Gluten-free Vegan, a concise list of what I was scouring google for all morning.

For starters…B12 and water before sleep.  I don’t care how late it is or how drunk you are, you have got to remember this one.  Or make sure you designated friend-not-having-fun knows what you need.  This is the Holy Grail of all miracle hangover preventatives.  My worst debauchery has nothing on B12 and water.

Water! Water water water.  Does this need explaining?  Ok good.

Raw honey* –You need to get a good quality honey, something raw and not messed with too much.  Honey is packed with antioxidants and concentrated fructose, which you need to flush those toxins out of your system. The fructose will help your blood sugar stabilize; alcohol is mainly sugar, which causes your pancreas to produce an excessive amount of insulin to try and bring the sugar level down.  It produces too much, which brings it down too far, which causes this terrible headache and makes you ravenous.  Low blood sugar will make the nausea worse as the day drudges on, so you need to get this stabilized, pronto.  I like honey on almonds; its messy, but packed with much needed nutrients.

Naked juice, or blend your own (INCLUDE A BANANA!!). No orange or grapefruit, because these can irritate you’re your stomach.  This is good for, again, getting your blood sugar raised and stabilized and is easy on queasy tummies.  Banana, coconut water, some easily digestible berries, greens, honey, and this smoothie has the potential to change your life (er, day). 

Banana – We’ll delve into this more (see quinoa), but your muscles are seriously depleted of amino acids after a night of excessive drinking, hence the shakes and weakness.  A nice ripe banana will restore your body’s potassium levels.  Coconut water is a beast at potassium restoration as well.

Qiunoa – since alcohol sneaks in and robs your body of its amino acids, you’ll need to replenish these protein building blocks with the perfectly balanced amino acid profile of Quinoa.  Quinoa is the gluten-free vegan’s best friend.  Make it like oatmeal the morning after, stir in some berries (sugar) and almonds (fat) and you’re good to go.

Peppermint tea will help settle the stomach, as will chamomileGreen tea, though caffeinated, is great at detoxing the liver and super high in antioxidants.  Go easy until you’re feeling more hydrated, but you should be drinking green tea everyday anyway.

Speaking of caffeine…good God, all I want hungover is a mocha.  Coffee is going to dehydrate you further, so take. it. easy.  However, lets be serious; a day without coffee is a day that sucks, I always say.  I dosed my (small[ish]) cup of coffee today with a teaspoon of raw cocoa powder and honey.  Then I started googling hangover remedies and you know what?  My drink rocked.  We already know about honey, but chocolate, too, is excellent for hangovers.  It’s packed with antioxidants, helps raise your low blood sugar, and stimulates the pleasure center of the brain by releasing serotonin and dopamine.  And who doesn’t want their brain’s pleasure centers stimulated whilst fighting a hangover?

Also, chips and salsa.  I don’t know why but this is all I want to eat post alcoholic frenzy.

Luckily for me, miso soup is free at my workplace, so when I drag my sorry ass in there this evening I’ll will be helping myself to more than a few servings.  Bring on the beneficial bacteria!

Bonus tip; take your dog for a walk.  She’s bored to death, your party stressed her out, and the fresh air and exercise will do you good.

*There are so many ways to get your blood sugar stabilized; you need not feel like you’re missing out if you’re a honeybee empathizing vegan.  I almost excluded it from the list, but because I eat honey (for now) I figured I’d be truthful and include it.

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    • Correct. As stated, I still eat honey (for now) and so I included it. I am not as convicted over the lives of insects as I am mammals, fish, birds, etc. This could change, and very well may, but this is where I’m at. I appreciate your reading and feedback! Are you vegan, and for how long, and why? I’m just curious. :)

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